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Steve Colin

Charity day at LITTLELAND

Litle Land Daycare Center children welcomed Orphans Welfare Society kids under the title of "winter clothes giving". All kids have grouped up and played, sang and watched a puppet chow together, and at the end of this activity Litlle Land's children gave the society's children the winter clothes that they have collected.

Steve Colin

2017-2018 Season Opening

In the presence of children and their parents, Little Land Daycare Center made an opening ceremony. The ceremony started with a welcome word from Mr. Abdallah Nahouli and then presented and gave a full description about the kindergarten, laws and regulations, and the achievements that the kindergarten made in the past year since the opening. At the other hand; There were games, animation and face painting for the children to play and have fun with the kindergarten teachers.

Steve Colin

First LITTLELAND summer camp party

Littleland Daycare Center celebrated its first summer camp party in the presence of parents, owner, manager and summer camp monitors. The kids sang, performed on stage and took pictures to remember.

Our new play room

Summer Party

A big day at Littleland Daycare Center where you all had it all, face painting, crafting, cooking, music, recycling with Boecker, a play with Mizo & Miza and more and more!!

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