LITTLELAND Daycare enriched activities


Music for 4 to 12 Years

Kid on computer

Music is the language of global expression, the language that we hear in everything in life. It also has multiple sounds depending on the source; there is the human voice, the voice of nature, the sound of animals and birds, and the sound of the machines.

We gave the music certain objectives:

  1. Learn the songs so that children can distinguish between the songs that they love and that they do not like so we create their own music tastes.
  2. Understand the musical percussion instruments in shape and label thus strengthen their knowledge.
  3. Developing a sense of music to listen so will be able to distinguish the types of music.
  4. The freedom to choose the machine that the child wants so we give him/her the strength to express.
  5. Making machines from previously used materials and build their concentration in listening and the responsibility of using the materials and not throwing them away.

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