Good nutrition means getting the calories we need for energy and the nutrients we need for proper growth. Variety, balance, and moderation are keys to good nutrition.

When young children are given a balanced variety of healthy foods, with moderate amounts of fat, sugar, and salt, they are learning good nutrition habits that can help lower the risk of overweight, heart disease, and even diabetes.

A variety of foods that are cooked in our kindergarten and observed by the nurse, including vegetables, fruits, grain, and protein, is essential to make sure we get the full range of nutrients for good health. The right balance of calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals provides energy and the variety of nutrients growing children need.

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Getting the SafeChildCare Certificate

The SafeChildCare Certificate includes food safety following international standards that are equally recognized by local authorities and to support us in maintaining the best quality of food so that the children will get hygienic and non-poisoning food.


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